In order to carry out the restoration work required to the A Frame the Barony A Frame Trust raised approximately £1.3m from a cocktail of funders. These were;

The A Frame Trust also won the Big Lottery People’s Millions, an award of £85,000 which was used to provide interpretation materials and carry out an oral history project.

East Ayrshire Council provided much valued in kind support through project staff and architect input.

Whilst none of these organisations can provide ongoing financial support to the Barony A Frame, the Trust wishes to acknowledge the contribution made by all funders, as well as our members and local community supporters.

Ayrshire Leader LogoThe A Frame Trust is currently engaged in a two year programme of awareness raising, capacity building and forward planning which is jointly funded by Ayrshire LEADER.

The design and construction of this website is funded in conjunction with Ayrshire LEADER.