Future progressions at A Frame

The progression at the site has been put on hold over the past months due to covid,there have been some changes on the board Niel Mcghee has now taken over the chair on the board.

He has been negotiating various events at the site the most recent are the new barriers at the site entrance which will only allow access to vehicles under the height of 2 .1meters.

Ongoing talks with egger will hopefully see the frame lit up again a constant supply of electricity ,and an upgrade of the lighting system to l.e.d. are in the plans and will put in place in the near future.

The surrounding area of the site has been purchased by National Pride who have submitted planning for a center of well being ,anybody looking for any information on the project can find it on their website ,the board wish them every success in th new venture.

Any one wishing to be a part of the A Frame can inquire on the web, all board members are volunteers as the A Frame is a registered charity any one wishing to volunteer  will be most welcome.