Feasibility Study

Local charity the Barony A Frame Trust is set to undertake a feasibility study into the future of the A Frame site. Grant funding was secured last November and the organisation has just appointed consultants, Barham Glen Architects to carry out the work.

Chair of the A Frame Trust, Barney Menzies commented,

‘The Trust is responsible for finding a sustainable future for the A Frame, so having restored such an important landmark we need to look at how we can maintain the structure. We believe the site has potential to provide a number of activities but we want to know what the local community thinks.’

The consultants working on the study are tasked to canvas community views on the A Frame site and examine a range of options for the development of the location. All options will be informed by the opinions and suggestions expressed by the local people. To obtain as wide a range of views as possible, the project team will be sending out questionnaires and conducting face to face interviews with local groups and individuals.

There may be scope to attract more tourists to the site alternatively we could use the site to address local employment issues. Without input from the community we won’t know what local people want so I’d encourage anyone who is sent a questionnaire to respond.’ Barney added, ‘Without community support projects simply won’t succeed.

The consultation element of the study will be carried out from the middle to the end of March. Once this is completed options will be appraised and a preferred option presented to the Barony A Frame Trust for consideration. The final report will be posted on the A Frame Trust’s new website once it is fully operational and a précis made available to the public.