Visitors to the Barony A Frame site will know that the car park at the site has been closed to vehicle access. The closure is due to additional works onsite to create a footpath link from the A Frame to the local footpath network.
Barney Menzies, chair of the Barony A Frame Trust said ‘We regret any inconvenience caused by the closure of the car park but it was necessary to ensure that works are carried out efficiently and securely. The car park will be closed between 19th February and 21st March to allow completion of what we hope will be a two phase development at the site.’
Over the past year the Barony A Frame Trust has conducted consultation events and a feasibility study to find out what developments local people wanted to see at the site. As a result the Trust applied to a range of funders for money to carry out works to deliver an ambitious two stage project which includes the footpath connection. ‘Phase one of the works is fully funded,’ says Barney. ‘We’re still waiting to hear about funding for phase two of the works. The second stage of the project involves extensive additions such as a cycle track, tree planting and additional interpretation at the site.’ The project is a direct response to individuals who indicated that opportunities to access the countryside and the footpath network were required. ‘Many local people visit the A Frame as a starting point for a walk in the countryside. The Trust wanted to improve access to the footpath network from the site as well as provide additional opportunities for outdoor activities such as cycling,’ adds Barney.
The Barony A Frame site is still open and accessible to visitors on foot or cycles. Contact the Trust