Barony A Frame Trust – Funding Award

The Barony A Frame Trust has just received the best Christmas gift possible – a grant of £43,500 from Ayrshire LEADER. The award, which will be matched by monies from the Minerals Trust and SCORE Environment, will be used to provide training for volunteer guides and to carry out environmental improvements to the area immediately surrounding the A Frame.

Barney Menzies, Chair of the Barony A Frame Trust said, ‘2012 has been an excellent year for the Trust as we have many achievements to our credit including some very special events and the Friends of the Barony A Frame Trust Membership scheme. Being granted this funding is just reward after a year of challenges and hard work.’

During the past year the Barony A Frame Trust carried out a community consultation exercise through which local residents were asked for their views about he A Frame site, how they use the area and what they would like to see added. The results from this survey helped formulate the plans for the volunteer project and environmental improvements. ‘The Trust hopes to start working on the project early in 2013 and will be looking to recruit local people as volunteer guides at the A Frame site,’ added Barney. ‘We hope the guides will be local people who have connections with mining and will be able to pass on their knowledge to children and others visiting the A Frame site.’

 If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Barony A Frame Trust, wish to find out more about the organisation or want to purchase a membership please contact the Trust via their website at or by phoning Audrey on 07845 655 244