The Barony A Frame Trust was set up in 1997 as a community led charitable Trust specifically to save and restore the iconic A Frame at the former Barony Colliery in Auchinleck, East Ayrshire.

Following the decision by Scottish Coal to close the pit, all of the mine buildings were demolished leaving the A Frame structure isolated in a derelict landscape. However, no one had banked on the depth of feeling for the former Barony Colliery and its unique A Frame. The community rallied around the mission to save the A Frame from demolition. and create a meaningful and sustainable monument to mining and mining communities.

The structure was in need of a major face-lift so, with assistance from East Ayrshire Council, the Trust set about raising £1.3m to carry out the work. Fundraising took far longer than was initially anticipated but by 2007 the remedial work to the A Frame was complete along with major landscaping and improvement works to the surrounding site. The end result is a sustainable, meaningful monument to the mining industry and the communities who worked in it.